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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ugly Mugs: Stupid people doing stupid things

Bobby Cox steals $1,000+ from Vero Beach vending machine.

Defense attorney  Terry Lee Locy arrested after he challenged his girlfriend to a naked sword duel.

Key West's Jennifer Knopp gets busted after calling the police to sell drugs to them.

Owen Lemire Kato jailed after popping pimples on his back for 10 minutes at a Cape Coral McDonalds.

Playboy Playmate Shanna Marie McLaughlin gets popped in the Orlando International Airport for bringing a Ruger AA .45 Colt Revolver in her duffel Bag.

Shantisha Keosha Roscoe is held on $150k bail after she attempts to run over a Daytona police officer.

Zoe Greeney jailed after Daytona police discover his beach front meth lab.

69 year-old Joseph Cirillo in custody of the Sarasota police department after exploiting more than half a million dollars from the elderly.

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