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Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Friday! 8/12/2011

Disney World is unarguably the most magical place on earth. When things get stressful in the office I like to take the time and reflect on the great times I have had at Disney. Here is a shot of Tomorrowland. I like to think this is what Anytown, USA will look in the year 2020 but until then I will just review the photos from the most magical place on earth. 

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For personal use only. All rights reserved ©Dana Nichols 06/07/1987

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Would you like a rug with that heroin?

An Oriental Rug dealer in Vero Beach is facing 20 years in prison, a $1 million fine and up to three years of supervision after release from prison for allegedly smuggling and dealing pure heroin.

Jafar Mohammad Falasiri, 61, was arrested by Florida state authorities after federal law enforcement discovered 120 bar-shaped packages that contained more than 6 pounds of suspected illegal narcotics tightly rolled up in rugs shipped from the Middle East to Falasiri's rug dealership in the 2300 block of U.S. 1 in Vero Beach.

Originally authorities charged Falasiri with importation and conspiracy to distribute heroin but court papers filed July 28 say Falasiri was charged simply with importing opium into the United States. The charges were dropped after defense attorney Gregory Eisenmenger of Viera claimed his client is addicted to drugs and imported narcotics for his personal use.

The FBI affidavit in the case states, after receiving a bundle of rugs at the Vero Beach business on January 28th there was a a black substance wrapped in clear plastic and cloth Inside one of the 10-foot-by-14-foot Persian rugs. An informant for the FBI said Falasiri "took a small portion of the black substance and proceeded to smoke it." And, "The entire binding of the rug was filled with the opium, which was also packaged in clear plastic and cloth."

Falasiri received his rugs from Iran and despite a federally enforced embargo against that nation Falasiri has not been not charged with importation of embargoed merchandise.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

VivaAerobus soon to serve Miami and Orlando

Mexican value airline VivaAerobus announces it will soon provide extended services from Monterrey in Nuevo Léon to its fourth and fifth U.S. destinations, Miami and Orlando. The new push into the U.S. market starting late November 2011 will make VivaAerobus the leading Mexican carrier in terms of connectivity to Mexico’s Northern Region.

Monterrey, located in the Mexican state of Nuevo Léon offers a wealth of cultural and tourism diversity which can now be easily explored by Florida residents. Monterrey is also one of Mexico’s most important industrial and business centers.

“VivaAerobus is extremely pleased to announce these two new routes representing our consolidation in the local market,” says Roberto Valdez, commercial director for VivaAerobus. “Just a few years ago we had the vision to become a player with routes to the US market, and today we are able to offer our services from five different locations in the US.”

All-inclusive fares for the two newly opened routes start at $125. USD and can be purchased at

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Diana Nyad on the way to capturing elusive dream

Sunday 61-year-old American Diana Nyad embarked on an epic 103 mile swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West and will be the first person ever to do it without the protection of a shark cage.

Nyad will be swimming across the Straits of Florida for 4 days in a row with no sleep and is scheduled to reach the Keys on Wednesday. That is a short time considering that the US and Cuba still have no formal diplomatic relations which caused a negotiation agreement to allow the swim from taking place to be carried on for over a year.

In the 1970s Nyad was known as one of the world's greatest long-distance swimmers and first attempted the daring swim in 1978 when she was 28 years old. Now at age 61 Nyad gives the shark-infested swim a second try in hopes of capturing what Nyad calls an "Elusive Dream."

"All my life I dreamed of being the first one ever to swim across without a shark cage," Nyad said. "I never thought I'd come back to this sport. It's a gruelling sport - it's for the young."

Although Nyad retired from competitive swimming 30 years ago, she will be fulfilling a lifelong dream when she successfully accomplishes the stunt.

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